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Sunday, May 14, 2006 19:59
Sutton Cricket Club aerial photograph
Just a thought, but I've been looking at the cricket club photos, including the aerial one.

The caption for this states that the date is unknown. However it looks very like the Google Maps "satellite" image (West Yorks are in high enough resolution just to make out people, but beyond the West Yorks boundary the resolution gets very poor).

Anyway, as an aid to setting a more precise date, and assuming that between here and Keighley was imaged on the same day (the frames in the moraic look reasonably contiguous), there is a freight train broken in half between Steeton & Silsden station, and Keighley stationm if you pan a little to the right, and down. One of those big white aggregates trains that come from the quarries. The rest of the train (including loco - it is on the "up" line) continues after a gap of maybe 8 wagons' lengths towards Keighley. Something like that probably was probably that days' excuse for very serious disruption to the rail service.

If anyone can recall when that happened it might get a fix on the date of the photograph of the cricket ground.

paul w
Monday, May 15, 2006 13:15
Hi Murff

Could it be the same train that was moving along the line as the photographs were being taken, causing it (or parts of it) to appear in more than one frame?
Monday, May 15, 2006 21:23
Yes, that is entirely possible. On the other hand, the discontinuity happens in both cases at the end of a wagon. There is "more wagon" than there is "end" so I'd expect a frame boundary somewhere along a wagon rather than at a boundary in both cases. Doing a refresh doesn't write a "tile" at that boundary, and you can see track coming from the "front" of the orphaned portion.


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