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David Laycock
Wednesday, November 24, 2010 09:32
History of Low Fold
I have just read the topic and found it quite facinating. The two semis mentioned in the first photo (bottom right, Aurthur Hardaker lived in the one closest to the allotments), they were next to the stream which provided the water for the Crag View allotments and ended up in Sutton beck just at the bottom of Hazel Grove Road. A bit of useless info but not much else being dicussed!
Alan Pickles
Wednesday, November 24, 2010 19:02
David, Another piece of useless info. The house that you refer to next to the stream is now occupied by David Clark, nephew of Allen Green. The stream which ran through the allotments joined up with the stream which ran through the field which used to belong to my father at the back of the bungalow in Bent Lane. They met somewhere under the "Old dyke". Then on into the field which belonged to Frank Ingham and is now covered in houses. Hazelgrove Road has been blocked off for quite some time now due to a blockage causing problems at the back of the butterfly house. ( useless, but as you say not a lot is stirring at present). By the way, I was talking to Alec Crossley yesterday in Skipton and he wishes to be remembered.
Hope that you are on the road to recovery.
The item on the Low Fold history brought back a flood of memories as most things seem to do these days. Archie Bradley, the family Dobson, Brian Kidd, Friend Ratcliffe and many more who were familiar faces but now have moved on one way or another. Certainly it was well researched and enjoyable.
David Laycock
Wednesday, November 24, 2010 22:59
Hi Alan,
Yes the stream dissapeared under the road at the bottom of now David's house and appeared into the field just passed the end of Walt T's Garden. It was good fun racing ''boats'' to the end of the field. Where my dad got water (he'd made a little dam), we used to get the odd young fingerling trout! Useless info again?
I had been looking at a couple photos of Coranation day from Ann Wigglesworth and you were all on there.Yes I do remember David and Alec, please return the compliments. Walt Thompson on one end of Ash Grove and Glyn Richards on the other end with the Greens in the middle.As you say sometimes a bit of ''useless'' news will stir something else up, like Trash n treasure stalls, someone's trash may be another man's treasure!
Had skin graft yesterday over the wound so that is a step in the right direction. In another 5 days we should be able to find out when I can go home!
Hi to all the other useless information subscribers.

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