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Jacqueline Chainey
Monday, December 6, 2010 22:05
Gallery photo: Miss Capstan's Class 1961
I was delighted to discover this website - well done for putting it together! It has been fascinating to rediscover my home village & see familiar faces & sights.

A couple of corrections to the photo titled Miss Capstan's class 1961:

1) Our teacher's name was Miss Brenda CAPSTICK.

2) My name is Jacqueline CHAINEY (top row).

3) The names Gillian Ainsworth & Sylvia Barrett (top row) are correct.

4) Martin Thorpe (middle row) is actually Martin FEATHER.

Other than that all correct. It was great to look at this photo & be able to name almost every person without looking below. Where are we all now I wonder almost forty years later? After living & working abroad for some years, I took a degree with the University of York where I am now employed. Am happily married with two adult daughters & two grandsons. Occasionally return to the West Riding when time allows & love to visit old haunts - Sutton Clough, the Pinnacles, St Thomas's Church, & Sutton CP School!

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