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Dave Hardman
Monday, February 2, 2015 20:53
Latest flood advice?
Hello and thank you, all of you, who take the time to put this forum together.
Before I begin my main ask, I will say that we hope very soon to become residents, and I will certainly offer my own support and help wherever I can. I look forward to that.
Might I ask....
I have read much about the flood problems around the Hawthorns/Manse Way area, but there seems little info about what has been done since 2004 to solve the problem. Has there been anything done (except removal of trees from becks) to reduce the risk since then? And is there a problem getting house insurance cover?
Any advice would be appreciated.
Paul Wilkinson
Tuesday, February 3, 2015 08:50
Hi Dave

Welcome to the forum!

This issue was discussed a couple of years ago, the link below will be of interest to you...

Flood discussion

My personal opinion is that the flood of 2004 was caused by a unique set of circumstances which will not be repeated.

Dave Hardman
Tuesday, February 3, 2015 17:41
Thanks Paul,I had already read that and it is reassuring.

I had also read a few articles covering the floods and the move to the environment agency becoming responsible for flood defences since, but many indicated that they would look at measures to resolve the situation.

I was just wondering whether there had been any further measures i.e. actual defences or if it was just monitoring, and if the latter, was it because they had satisfied themselves that it can't happen again or that they would like to do more but there was no funding available to do it?

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