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Andrew Monkhouse
Wednesday, October 8, 2008 11:30
Lib Dems oppose eco-towns
Hi folks, another news report from last month on eco-towns for your perusal. I'm itching to be at the meeting in a few hours time, but I live 12,000 miles away. So all I can say is fingers and toes crossed that we have a favourable outcome.

I have written to Colin Walker and added my thoughts to one of the Craven Herald articles, GOOD LUCK tonight guys, bring it on.


"The Liberal Democrats have confirmed their opposition to the government's eco-towns policy.

The Lib Dems' autumn conference in Bournemouth on Monday passed a motion setting out the party's position and attacking the "facade" of Gordon Brown's flagship sustainable communities.

The motion accepted the need for new housing in parts of England to meet demand, but suggested that all new developments should adhere to green standards.

It also said that brownfield land would be better suited for new housing than building on the green belt, and called for greater local democratic control of planning decisions.

Lib Dem housing spokesman Lembit Opik said: "Instead of ensuring all our towns and cities are sustainable, the government is using the green facade of eco-towns to bypass the planning system and ignore local needs and concerns.

"By presenting these developments as eco-friendly when they are only required to meet moderate environmental standards, ministers are misleading the public in order to force through these often unwanted towns."

The decision means that both opposition parties are now against the prime minister's proposal for 12 new eco-towns, with the Conservatives having already reversed their previous support, putting their prospects for completion at high risk.

The plan to build the carbon neutral developments also face a legal challenge from residents objecting to the planning process, with a judge having recommended that it be heard in the High Court"
Ann Greene
Monday, October 20, 2008 15:10
Although I now live in Skipton I was born and brought up and educated in sutton-in-craven and then Crosshills until I married.
I am TOTALLY opposed to the proposals for new builds that will 'merge' all the villages together !
What happens when everybody turns up at the co-op in Crosshills on a sat. morning to do their shopping.
Where are all the 'extra' children going to be educated
What is goining to happen with the current traffic conjestion
What happens when these 'offcumdens' need a dr. or a dentist
I rest my case
Paul Wilkinson
Monday, October 20, 2008 15:14
Thanks for your comments Ann. Have you seen the map of Skipton's proposed greenfield development sites?

If not you can view it here...

Skipton SHELAA map

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