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Alan Pickles
Friday, August 31, 2012 17:54
Postcard of Chapel and park lake.
Thanks for sending this picture for display on the website. The memories that it has invoked are beyond comprehension. I had almost forgotten what a large magnificent building the House, Sunday school and Chapel was. Queueing at the door to get a decent seat for the Band of Hope slide shows, Sunday morning and afternoon classes from beginners through to the seniors in the lecture room, via the front door. After that using the Sunday School for Y,P,F. meetings and the large hall for the Recreation Club evenings. What is there in the village to replace it, anything? Would it still be used if it still existed? Having left the village in 1956 I am not in a position to judge or comment. My memories are numerous and treasured and that is the way it will remain.
Once again THANK YOU for scanning and submitting the photo.
Brenda Whitaker
Queensland Australia
Saturday, September 1, 2012 21:42
Hi folks - just an echo to Alan's thoughts. I resisted the temptation to jump in when the photo first went on the web because I know that it is mainly our generation that has such intense and happy memories of the 'old lady' that was the Baptist Chapel and the magnificent building. We are really the only generation left with that appreciation. I was living at the other side of the world when the building had to be removed, and I can only imagine how heart rending it must have been for those who had to take that step.
On my recent visit to Sutton I stood almost in the same place where the photo was taken and looked across the road with the image in my head. It is hard to explain how the photo that has appeared shot me straight back again.
Happy memories, yes Alan there are plenty of those. Sadly I dont think it would make any difference if the building was still there - I doubt it would still be the busy hive of activity it was then. The wonderful and faithful few who still support the chapel now work hard to maintain the spirit that lived then and I am sure still lives on with them but it seems it is difficult to find the same 'youth' enthusiasm that existed then. Time has moved on and so have the expectations of the young people. Our entertainment and contact with friends was centered round a common ground within a building. This is replaced by the common ground of a facility such as this web and other types of social media. It gives everyone such a wide reach which is wonderful.
However - after reading the supportive comments of the recent celebration in the park it does say to me that there is still a village spirit, there is still a place for social gatherings and that is very heartening.
So thanks for the photo and thanks for giving us 'oldies' a place/medium to re-live our happy memories.

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