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Paul Wilkinson
Thursday, October 9, 2008 14:11
Leeds City Region - some background info
A bit more background information on "Leeds City Region", I found this on a 2005 posting at a site called

The future of regional government has been up for debate since voters rejected the idea of directly elected regional assemblies.

City regions have already been identified by the Northern Way a Government-backed drive to improve the economy of the North as a possible way of helping major urban areas to prosper.

Earlier this year local government minister David Miliband visited England's major cities for a series of summit meetings ahead of producing a report next year about their futures.

Coun Carter said: "People want greater regional autonomy but there's no appetite for greater bureaucracy and more taxes."

Wakefield Council leader Peter Box, who chairs the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Assembly, cast doubt on the proposals. "I don't see the need for an extra tier of government which is what this would be," he said.

"I'm happy for this group of authorities to sit down informally and look to how we can best work together to create greater prosperity.

"However, I'm not convinced that formalising arrangements and creating a regional cabinet, which would take powers from individual authorities, is something that can, or should be, supported."

Kirklees Council Tory group leader Coun Robert Light said the plans were a rehash of John Prescott's failed attempt to impose regional assemblies.

He said: "Well David Miliband and Chris Leslie are old mates, aren't they? I think it would be disastrous for local democracy.

"John Prescott got his nose bloodied when he tried to do this democratically in the north east. Now they're trying to bring it in through the back door."

Paul Wilkinson
Friday, October 24, 2008 14:08
I'm trying to get a handle on the "bigger picture" regarding the Leeds City Region and beyond. It seems the more stones I look under, the worse the smell gets.

As I find any interesting snippets I'll post them.

The following are from

Northern Way City Region Forum

Start Date: April 2008

The Northern Way, the partnership of Regional Development Agencies and city regions that are leading work to improve the economic performance of the north of England, commissioned Arup to support its City region Forum.

The economy of the north of England is driven by its eight city regions (Central Lancashire, Hull and Humber Ports, Leeds City Region, Liverpool City Region, Manchester City Region, Sheffield City Region, Tees Valley, and Tyne and Wear). Partnerships and governance arrangements are being developed in each of these city regions to lead work on economic development, transport, housing and spatial planning. These policy roles of city regions are being strengthened through government initiatives, including Multi Area Agreements, and the Sub National review of Economic Development and Regeneration. The Northern Way City Region Forum brings these city regions together to provide them with advice and support, and to influence government.

Arup has been commissioned to provide support to the forum by undertaking pieces of policy research, developing a peer assist programme, and producing policy papers for submission to government.


Influencing the future

Our work for central government has allowed us to influence the planning systems in England, Scotland, and Wales, through regional reviews of planning costs and fees and central government resourcing of local authorities, writing Companion Guides to accompany policy, analysing consultation responses to Government White Papers, advising on methodologies, conducting impact assessments, and reviewing evidence as part of Government reviews.

At a local and regional level, our work includes advising regional development agencies and regional assemblies on locations for development, devising strategies for funding/developing spatial policy.

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