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Paul Wilkinson
Tuesday, October 7, 2008 15:30
More food for thought from the Countryside Restoration Trust
The following is taken from an April 2008 press release by the Countryside Restoration Trust:

The Great Eco-Town Fraud

The Countryside Restoration Trust has responded with horror at the suggestion of yet another “eco town” near Cambridge.

Robin Page, Chairman of the CRT says: “The whole thing is totally fraudulent. There is no such thing as an “eco town” – the reason for the new building is Britain’s population growth – a phenomenon normally associated with the Third World.
However, thanks to the Government’s open borders policy our population is now growing like a Third World country. This growth is quite unsustainable, regardless of the “green wash” that the Government applies to it, with each new house creating more light, air and noise pollution, as local people are pushed further behind in the wait for housing. Land is a declining commodity and to suggest building at Hanley Grange, near Hinxton, is ecological illiteracy and environmental hooliganism of the highest order. With food production declining and wildlife threatened we need to protect our green countryside not cover it with concrete.

It is a case of this Government conning the people yet again. England is now the fourth most densely populated country in the world, according to the Optimum Population Trust (a registered charity), more densely populated than China or India. What is happening is an environmental disaster – immigration is not a matter of race but space and the real issues are environmental.”

Nigel Farage, MEP, a long term supporter of the CRT and leader of UKIP says: “This massive new town building programme has nothing to do with “eco”. It is another “whopper” told by this Government. What’s behind it all is their open border immigration policy, which requires two hundred new houses a day simply to cover inward immigration. “Eco towns”? Rubbish.”

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