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Stuart Robinson
Wednesday, August 20, 2008 18:47
Sutton Cricket Club awarded ClubMark Status
Sutton Cricket Club are proud to announce their achievement in been awarded ClubMak status with effect 4 August 2008. This is the culmination of two years hard work and dedication by members of the Cricket Club.

So what is ClubMark?

Sutton in Craven Cricket Club is one of a growing number of Cricket Clubs that take the welfare of children at their club incredibly seriously. By taking the time to work towards and achieving ClubMark Sutton in Craven Cricket Club has shown its dedication and commitment to its junior players and to its wider local community.

The ClubMark logo is recognised by both ECB and Sport England and tells teachers, parents, community leaders, local authorities funding agencies and all those with a responsibility for the welfare of young children that Sutton in Craven Cricket Club is a safe place for children to enjoy learning and playing the game of cricket.

The ClubMark logo proves a club has a:

Child Welfare Policy
Specific personnel trained in Child Walfare issues
Comprehensive Insurance cover
The capability to deal with and administer First Aid where needed
A Constitution that allows any child to get involved with and play cricket

More importantly it proves that Sutton in Craven Cricket Club is a club that you can send your child safe in the knowledge they will be well looked after and enjoy their cricket.

Well done to all concerned a fantastic achievment.
Paul Wilkinson
Wednesday, August 20, 2008 20:52
Congratulations Stuart and everyone involved in making it happen. Paul

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