Sutton Militia List 1813/14

With thanks to Robin Longbottom.

Sutton Militia List

Below are links to view/download copies of the Sutton Militia List drawn up by Robert Clough. Although it is undated the ages, checked against the Kildwick Parish Records, suggest the list was made 1813/14.

There are five different classes for service in the list and I have photographed them all separately. It lists all the men in the Sutton Township between the ages of 18 and 45, states their occupations, ages and whether they are exempt from service or not and if so the grounds for exemption.

Complete Sutton Militia List 1813/14

First Class
men under 30 years old with no children

Second Class
men under 30 having a child or children

Third Class
men above 30 having no children

Fourth Class
men above 30 having a child or children but none under 14

Fifth Class
men between 18 and 45 but not included under any of the grounds of exemption