Sutton W. I. trip to Josiah Wedgwood & Son,
Stoke on Trent. Date unknnown, possibly mid 1950s.

With thanks to Eric Brook for providing the photo and names.

Sutton W. I.

Sutton W. I.

Sutton W. I.

Update from Jane Chatterton and Ann Bird, February 2018:

6 Elsie Smith
7 Mrs Squires
15 Mary Sugden
16 Mildred Miller (Ireland)
22 Ruth Sparks
23 Mary Dickinson
30 Mrs Bill Ingham
38 Mrs Shuttleworth
5 Marjorie Webster?
9 Mrs Ingham senior- Gladys Ingham's mother?

Update from Margarete Parker, February 2018:

34 Alice Parker

Update from Elizabeth Hutchinson, March 2018:

16 Mrs Irene Thompson (my mother)
17 Mrs Fred Thomas? (close family friend of my mothers)
27 Mrs Mary Lee (my great Aunt who moved down to live near us in 1960/61 from Northumberland and started going to Sutton W I with my mum then so early 1960s for the photo I think)

Update from Alan Pickles, April 2018:

12 Mrs Barsby, wife of Jack the chimney sweep
14 Mrs Hardcastle, wife of the TV shop owner from Cross Hills

Update from Anthony Hattersley, April 2018:

I think that No 35 might be Mrs Baker and 36 her daughter Mary

Update from Alan Smith, April 2018:

1 Mrs Whetherhill
6 Betty Mitchell nee Monkhouse
22 Mrs Murial Craven
32 Mrs Mary Dickenson
33 Mrs Barritt
6 is not Elsie Smith (my mother)

Update from Denis Pickles, April 2018:

36 not the Mary Baker I knew
35 Maud Allen

Update from Brenda Whitaker, April 2018:

3 Annie Hardaker
18 Frances Barrett
19 Mrs Midgley
20 Joan (Earle)? (Mrs Midgley's daughter)