Springfield House

Thanks to Allen and Barbara Chapman for providing the scan.

Barbara Chapman
April 2007

'Springfield' was the home of Matthew Bairstow the founder of the Big mill and his son James Bairstow lived there in 1881 (I have the census).

When it was pulled down I cannot remember but I know my friends and I called it the haunted house and it was empty and derelict then. I would be about 10 or 12 years old when my friends and I one day plucked up courage to go into the grounds to have a look at the house. The grounds of course were overgrown with trees and shrubs. We went up and had a look through one of the windows and just as we did a black bird flew out, as you may imagine we shot out of there liked greased lightening.!!

It was later demolished completely and there is now an Electric Sub-station in the grounds near the road. The Lodge to the house is still lived in.

Tony Ingham
March 2010

The owner, a certain Matthew Bairstow, not wanting to see THE FOUNDRY from his Springfield home had a wood of trees planted at the far end of the field near Eastburn Bridge; I think the wood is called ALDER WOOD. The foundry was not as extended as it is today, the foundry being LANDIS LUNDS.