Sketches of High Street, May 2016

With thanks to Denis Pickles for a couple of recent sketches.

"The bench outside the Kings Arms provides a good viewpoint of the High Street, the Nook, Ivan Spence's Greengrocers shop, the Coo-op shop etc.

So many happy memories are conjured up when I remember how things used to be when I was a lad - Carey Overend, Bill Sandham, Cissie Overend, Albert Overend, Prin Ratcliffe, Tom Lister Ellison, Lance Feather, Zeke, - just a few of the names I can recall.

The view hasn't changed a great deal but I vaguely recall there being a tiny chapel on the High Street just beyond the Nook. When did that go? It must have been soon after WW2."

High Street sketch

High Street sketch