A Tribute to the Sutton Beck, 2015

From Alan Pickles

Sutton Beck

A tribute to the Sutton beck

When fishing was an adventure

It crosses o'er from road to Park
With gate that closes after dark,
It's railings iron and painted green
It's footway concrete, always clean.

It served another purpose too
It hid the fishermen from view
And when it rained, provided cover
For me, our friends and my big brother.

The stones which lay along the wallside
Made a footpath, non too wide,
To make our way along that path
We'd to be careful or take a bath.

With net and jar we spent our day
Fishing in time honoured way,
For sharks large octopus and whales
We never caught one but told the tales.

The fish we caught were never eaten
And chasing them we oft got beaten
Sticklebacks and minnows too
Swimming round for all to view.

Do kids now know what they are missing?
The joys so gained from going fishing,
Adventures large, adventures small,
We had them all just o'er that wall.

Alan Pickles