Maggie Wilson 90th Birthday 1984

With thanks to Mike Towers for the scan and comments.

Below is a clipping from my Mum's (Maggie Wilson nee Clough) archive of a Keighley News article covering her 90th birthday on 12 Jun 1984.

Her Great Uncle, Isaac Dickinson was born in early 1852 at Kildwick and registered as Isaac Winterburn Dickenson - notice the e becoming an i and it stayed so throughout his life - to parents Joseph Dickinson and Agnes Winterburn; so it must have been an unnoticed Registrar's error. His book, published in 1894, is entitled "Yorkshire Life and Character: a Craven Village" (ISBN:9781240949861) and is available on Amazon and eBay in various editions from £18 to £26.

Maggie Wilson 90th