First Kildwick and Farnhill Scouts c1964

With thanks to Keith King for the scan, click the image to see a larger version.

Scouts c1964
 ?   ?   ?   ?  Colin Yates  ?  Andrew Spark  ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ?   ? 
Malcolm Gallagher  ?  Trevor Hobson  ?  Kevin King
(looking over John Hall's shoulder)
 ?   ?   ? 
 ?   ?  Chris Barsby  ?  John Hall  ?   ?  Russell Myers
(formerly of the King's Arms)
Neil Tillotson
(Scout Leader Holding Camera)
FRONT ROW (kneeling)
Andrew Munroe  ?  Keith King  ?  Peter Smith
(from Cowling)
 ?  Roger Ellison

Updated February 2020, Jacqui Cowling provided the following names:

"The tall guy in the left at the back with the curly hair is my dad Jeffrey Cowling. Sue Sunter is the girl at the back middle with the headband. Paul Carlton 4th from left kneeling down at the front, white jumper. Chris Barsby is 3rd from left first row standing. Winnie Smith - standing on the far left next to her is Rosie Hargreaves. Next to Andrew Spark on the right is John Hoyle. John Hawkins first in the left. Ivan Munkhouse is 4the right at the back with half hidden face."

First Kildwick and Farnhill Scouts met at Cross Hills in a building where the new Co-op store is today. The photo was taken either 1964 or 65.

Annotated version below from Frank Hobson.

Scouts c1964