Sutton-in-Craven County Primary School
Miss Hinchliffe's class c1964

Miss Hinchliffe's class 1964
With thanks to Andrew Milsom for sending the scan and Jacki Parker Wood and Glen Chapman for providing missing names.
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Miss Hinchliffe Philip Smith Damien Hudson Ian Park John Valentine? Steven Harmson? Mark Shuttleworth? Howard Snowden Phillip Eardley Andrew Milsom Geoffrey Mothersole
Jane Dixon? Richard Spence   ?   Steven Marklew Glenys Calver Ian Jackson? Judith Stork Glen Chapman Brenda Senior Michael Pilling Karen Pilling
Wendy Atkinson Richard Whiteley Lynne Barraclough Ian Beattie Kathleen Thorpe Trevor Allen? Margaret Beckett Ian Foster Julie Gill Graeme Seward Jacqueline Robinson Roger Hopkins? Gillian Stott?

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