Sutton Boys' Brigade 1963

Andrew Monkhouse sent this photo and a newspaper clipping of the newly formed Sutton Boys' Brigade.

Melvyn Marchant provided names and the following information: These were both taken in 1963, the first one taken in about March on the front steps of the old Baptist Chapel after a service to mark the 1st Craven Boys' Brigade being officially recognised as a Boys' Brigade "Company". New companies had to maintain certain standards and attendances for a period of six months to be officially recognised at the Main HQ in London. The second photograph was probably taken in May, on the occasion of our first annual display of local Boys' Brigade activities.

1Paul Fagan
2Ivan Allen
3Gordon Currie
4Stuart Hellam
5George Thomas (aka Billy the Kid), died 1971
6David Barrett
7Phillip Sugden (Zog)
8Melvyn Marchant
9John Fletcher
10David (Jess) Harper
11Gary Clewer
12Bernd Remde
13Rev Edmun Pilling (Chaplain)
14Jacob Monkhouse
15Frank Blackie
16John Mitchell
17Hugh Lusk (Capt)

1Gordon Currie
2Ivan Allen
3Gary Clewer
4John Fletcher
5Phillip Sugden
6David Harper
7Bernd Remde
8Paul Fagan
9Stuart Hellam
10David Barrett
11Melvyn Marchant
12Jacob Monkhouse
13John Mitchell
14Visiting Inspecting Officer from Colne
15Hugh Lusk
16Frank Blackie
17Ronnie Smith
18Visiting Officer
19Visiting Officer
20Rev Eddie Pilling (Chaplain)