Kildwick Scouts c1957

With thanks to Alan Pickles for the scans and notes.

I have been fortunate in the recent past to meet up with the daughter of Terry Newbould. Terry was a very prominent member of the Kildwick Scouts along with Jim Monkhouse in the late 1940s and early and mid 1950s. Both were awarded the Queen's Scout award, and both were Sutton lads.

The scout troop consisted of lads from Crosshills, Sutton, Glusburn, Eastburn, Kildwick and Farnhill and even the odd member from Silsden. We used to meet up in the village hall at Kildwick at that time. The photos were provided by Terry's daughter.

The newspaper cutting is of a camp in the Skipton area. No definite date is printed on it but I would think that it was early 50s. The scout master is Mr House who was I/c Kildwick scouts. Terry is on the right of him.

Kildwick scouts.
Back row: Barry Craven, Colin Pickles, ? Smith, Syd Hyde, Dorothy Hyde, Tom Fox, John Dixon, Tim Beer.
Front row: ??, Stuart Cardwell, Jim Monkhouse, Bruce Beattie, Winnie Smith (Cub Mistress), ??, Alec Crossley, ??, Ivan Monkhouse. The baby was a bit young to be a member.

Jim Monkhouse, Winnie Smith.

Left to right: Jim Monkhouse, Doreen Palfreman nee Brooke (Assistant Cub Mistress), Terry Newbould,
"Skip" Edwards (Skipton Scout Master), Brook Naylor (another Scout Master from the area), Winnie Smith.

Jim Monkhouse, Bruce Beattie, Terry Newbould.

Mrs Monkhouse (Jim and Ivan's mother), Jim Monkhouse, Jim Newbould (Terry's dad).

Terry Newbould.

A photo of a presentation by Jim Newbould to a football team captain. Someone may recognise the recipient.