With thanks to Raymond Atkinson for providing the scan and names, and Susan Currie and David Briggs for additional names. Click the image to see a larger version.

Sutton County Primary School
Miss Kitchener's class 1953

Miss Kitchener's class 1953
Roger Moffat John Riley John Stephenson David Briggs John Barrett Keith Rushton Brian Rushton Roger Manton David Robinson Gary Mount Paul Smith Robert Mitchell
Miss Kitchener Brian Riddihough Peter Green Margaret Kellett Nancy Smith Elizabeth Trenouth Christine Pickles Shirley Papworth Terry Howard Maureen Pearce Jean Simons Anne Barritt Graham Hodgson John Conyers Mr S Laycock
Judy Millward Joan Hudson Janet Sugden Susan Currie Joyce Lambert Kathleen Hardcastle Carole Greenwood Ellen Morrison Lydia Morrison Christine Pearce Judith Pearce Anita Harper?
Kenneth Pye David Clough Peter Dewhirst Maxwell Benson Raymond Atkinson Robert Reape

Notes from Susan Currie:
John Riley was a twin to Peter who isn't on the photo. Margaret Kellet's family emigrated to Australia.
Can Raymond remember that whenever someone important called to Stanley Bell's class all the sets of twins had to stand up - I think we had about five sets. Also in the same class we had taken an exam. Raymond sat next to David Briggs and I was next to someone. Mr Bell had the four of us stand up after he marked the exam to say wasn't it strange how the four of us had submitted the same papers!