Coronation Sixpence Spoon 1953

Thanks to Alan Pickles and Margarete Parker for sending the photos and notes.

Coronation spoon

The Diamond Jubilee is now well and truly over but I found this spoon amongst other items and just wondered how many, if any, are still in drawers in Sutton.

This was an item that was given to me and many other children in the village to mark the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. They were made by Mr Alan Green's men at the factory on Low Fold.

Alan Pickles

Coronation spoon and cup

Here is a photo of my coronation spoon and mug. I had just gone three in June 1953 but I remember the street party in Albert Street, Sutton and the union jacks in the windows.

I remember my mum and dad giving me and my brother Stuart the spoons and mugs. This was one of my earliest memories but I remember it with fondness.

Margarete Parker (nee Hellam)