Glusburn School class photo c1952

With thanks to Tony Ingham for providing the scan.

Tony Ingham says "I have the names but thought it would be interesting to see if anyone can name any. First prize one dozen FREE RANGE EGGS."

Time's up!

Back row. Patrick Reape. Michael Green. Tony Feather. David Brown. Tony Ingham. Raymond Briggs.Frank Duckworth.Barry Grosvenor.Paul Baker

Middle row. Terry Brooks. Leslie Town. Margaret Pearce. Wendy Pickles. Margaret Ivory. Edith Hall. Christine Bell. Wendy Brown. Elizabeth Shearing. Edward Hall. Peter Barton. TEACHER, MISS FIRTH.

Front row. Edith Sessford. Pat Barrett. Yvonne Longmore. Iris Attkinson. Olive Mountain. Jean Dobson. Stella Binns. Pat livesy. Pauline Woodhead. Gwen Cadwalader.

FRONT SEATED. Mick?Harper. Eric Whitely. Melville Smith.