Baptist Chapel Sunday School Concert c1951/52
Hotel Riposo

With thanks to Denis Pickles for sending the scan

Neal Palfreman Michael Garnett   ?   Shirley Holmes Alan Barrett Brenda Holmes Jim Monkhouse John Barrett Bruce Beatty
THIRD ROW Standing
Edward Smith Peter Garnett Peter Barsby Jean Midgley Denis Pickles Frank Barrett Ruth Midgley Mary Barrett Robert Barrett Donald Laycock   ?  
Mrs Monkhouse David Brook   ?   Joyce Morrison Edith Roberts Arthur Driver Christine Hoyle Sylvia Snookes Mrs Pullan Mrs Smith
(Edward's wife?)
FRONT ROW On floor
Audrey McWhinney Eleanor Buck Sheila Bancroft Ivan Monkhouse
(with feathers)
Audrey Driver Michael Barrett
(with feathers)
?Dorothy Bottomley Wendy Wallbank Muriel Lowe Rita Lund Betty Monkhouse

Comments from Denis:
"Photograph shows the entire cast of a concert held in the large Sunday School Hall at the Baptist Chapel I would think around 1951/2. It was an ambitious show produced and directed by Mr Pullan, the Sunday School Superintendant at the time. The photograph gives a clue to the theme of the show - the Wild West and a one act play entitled 'The Hotel Riposo'.

I don't remember much about the plot of the play in which I had the juvenile male lead, can't even remember who was I was playing opposite, but I do recall a few of the lines which I had to utter - I thought that they would come in useful at some later date. 'All my life I have worshipped you from afar! At night I stand outside your house and watch your beloved shadow on the blind! Then it was romance - nowadays I'd be arrested as a stalker!"