Young People's Fellowship, 1945 - 1957

Thanks to Joyce Riddiough for sharing her collection of photographs, and Denis Pickles for providing the scans and comments. Additional names from Alan Pickles, Rita Chadwick and David Briggs.

This must have been taken around 1955 - perhaps 1954 - certainly before I joined the army to do my National Service. Sitting on the fence are Patrick Hill, Barry MacWhinney, Margaret Naylor, Brian Shearer, Kenneth Bradley and the devilishly handsome chap squatting in the front is me, Denis Pickles. I do believe that I was Leader of the YPF at this time.

This was taken outside the village Hall in Winton where club members ate and performed a concert for the villagers. I stand to be corrected, but this group would have been the 'foragers' - a small party who travelled to Winton a day before the main party, in order to set up the cooking equipment etc.
Standing L to R are Roy Smith, Sam Richards,Denis Pickles, Keith Riddiough, ?, Dennis Clough and in front is John Binns.

I find this an interesting picture. It was probably taken on a walk at Winton maybe in 1950.
Working clockwise from the back left are, Rex Whiteoak, Peter Boothman, Peter Greenwood, Ruth Patrick, Roy Smith,
Patrick Hill, Keith Riddiough, Mary? [a niece of the Rev C V Buck?] Brenda Holmes, Christine Hoyle, Sheila Bancroft, Gwen Williams, Peter Barsby.

I think that this would have been taken at Winton around 1945.

I can pick out quite a lot of the boys and girls who appear on the photo though not many of the young women at the front.
The blonde haired young man at the back is Tom Chatterton, next to him is Frank Stead and then Sam Richards, The tall lad at the back may be Alan Baker and I know for sure that the partly obscured face of the lad with dark hair and darkish eyes is Roy Boothman. He was a brilliant organist. When the Ritz cinema in Keighley was operational, the audience were entertained by Roy who rose from the depths playing a magnificent illuminated electric organ which changed colour as he played. Magic! Next to Roy is Peter Greenwood, Roy Smith and Kenneth Bradley. Then at the back there's Ruth Patrick, Connie Emmerson in front of her, then Alan Clough, Ronnie Clough and Joyce Riddiough, Towards the end of the row is Alma Mitchell, ? Hargreaves ? and a young Jack 'Tozer' Mosley. Stanley Bell kneels amongst the ladies at the front one of whom I think to be Marjorie Binns.

Another Group photo at Winton, [1956?]one of the few I remember showing the Rev C V Buck. He's at the front with Elma Dickinson.
Along the back row are Gerald Shuttleworth, Kathleen Binns, Margaret Naylor, Rita Lund, Sheila Laycock, Audrey MacWhinney, Enid Foster, [peeping] Robert Barrett, Peter Barsby, Maureen MacWhinney, Alan Caterall, Peter Garnet, George Morrison.

John Binns, Kathleen Binns, Michael Atkinson, Michael Lynch, Gerald, Joyce Riddiough, 'Sky Diver' Barrie Pearce.

Winton 1956?
Christine Briggs, Michael Lynch, Kathleen Binns, Colin Pickles,
Front Gillian Brown, Joyce Riddiough, Roy Smith, Stuart Wilson, John Binns.
See the big wicker skips? These were borrowed from Horsfalls Mill to transport all the cooking equipment, dixies, pans etc. It looks as though this might have been the advance party.

These were the chefs who produced the 'cordon noir' cuisine. 1953 or 1954.
Alec Shuttleworth, Dennis Clough, Roy Smith, Denis Pickles,

This was taken long after my time in YPF. Someone may correct me. 1957? and provide the names. I recognise only Stuart Wilson, Betty Monkhouse, Pauline Bond and Audrey MacWhinney. End left standing is Linda Smith. Front left is Edward Emmerson, front right could be Ann Longden

And this was taken before I joined the YPF. It must have been taken circa 1946 on the Easter Monday trip to the Lakes. I think I have the names correct. The men are Kenneth Bradley, Ronnie Clough and Allan Laycock and the girls are Connie Emmerson, Edith Mosley, Ruth Patrick and Muriel Bottomley.

1952? Winton again
? Gwen Williams? ?, Christine Hoyle, Brenda Holmes, ? Clough, Betty Monkhouse?, Ruth Patrick,
Mary Watkinson, Connie Emmerson, Rev C V Buck, Mary?
Front: Ann Dickinson, Elma Dickinson, Elma's college friend, Joyce Reddiough, Irene Martin, Sheila Bancroft.

The following five photos from Denis Pickles were added September 2011.

Taken on a walk at Winton probably 1950
L to R Corrine Andrews; Cameron Hill, Elma Dickinson; Alan Baker; Patrick Hill; Muriel Bottomley; Ruth Patrick; John Binns; Enid Foster; Denis Pickles; Nancy Williams; Anne Dickinson.

Taken on YPF Trip to Southport 1952
L to R Colin Pickles; Alan Caterall; Elma Dickinson; David Hill; Alan Pickles.

Southport Trip - Lunch Break
Back - Colin Pickles
Robert Barrett and Brenda Grime
Christine Wilcock, Eleanor Buck; Audrey McQuinney,
Margaret Naylor; Maureen McQuinney

Another walk at Winton
Audrey McQuinney, Gwen Williams, Sam G Richards.

A view of the village of Winton where the Easter 'Camps' were held for many years.

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