T & M Bairstow Centenary 1838 - 1938

Barbara and Allen Chapman provided this photo taken on 9th July 1938, along with the following notes:

"A photo of a group from Bairstow's attending the Glasgow Empire Exhibition on 9th July 1938, a month before my aunt and uncle were married. My Aunt and Uncle are on it but I don't know any of the others. Edward Dickinson is about 4th in from the right with Nora Monkhouse immediately in front of him beside the man in pale flat cap and carrying an overcoat."

David Briggs added the following comment:

"I believe that my two Aunts Charlotte and Chrissie Hough are on the back row just to the left (as we look at it) of Edward Dickinson. Also it could be my mother Mabel Briggs (formerly Hough) just to the left of Chrissie."

The images below are from the commemorative booklet.

The man at the rear in the white coat standing next to the machinery identified by Chris Firth as his
grandfather, William Firth, who worked at Sutton Mill till the mid 50s. Click here to view the detail.

Below is the commemorative brooch, a sprig of white heather with a badge containing the Lion crest.

The following text is stamped on the back of the card:





Photo of Barbara's Aunt Sarah Monkhouse (nee Priestley) taken at the Exhibition.

Sarah and Nora Monkhouse in T & M Bairstow's weaving shed.

Paul Longbottom found this site with details of the Glasgow Empire Exhibition:
www.theglasgowstory.com, including a plan of the whole area on which is the Palace of Industry.

With thanks to Barbara and Allen Chapman for providing the scans.

Duncan McHenry sent the following photo of a commemmorative glass that his parents, Hilda and Jack McHenry, brought back from the Exhibition: