Film of the T & M Bairstow Centenary, 8th July 1938

With thanks to Mark Cook for providing the link and notes.

The image below links to a five minute long film at the Yorkshire Film Archive of the T & M Bairstow Centenary celebrations, 8th July 1938.

Bairstow Centenary film 1938

The Centenary celebration took place on Sutton cricket field. The bronze tablet was designed by Mr. A. H. Rodway the principal of Keighley School of Arts and Crafts.

02:10 - The gentleman with spectacles officiating is the firm's chief engineer Mr. H. N. Nutter.
02:37 - The gentleman unveiling the tablet and going on to give a speech is the firm's oldest employee: Mr. James Harrison (59 years service.)
02:47 - This lady may be Miss Nellie Cooper of Sutton Mill.*
02:55 - This lady may be Mrs. Annie Davy of Greenroyd Mills.*
03:01 - Mr. Arthur Hobson of the Bradford warehouse.
03:09 - The lady with spectacles presenting the cigar boxes is the firm's oldest female employee at the time: Mrs. Martha A. Freeman (56 Years service.)
03:18 - The first cigar box recipient is Lt . Col. Charles M. Bateman D.S.O. one of the directors (Lived at Royd Hill).
03:30 - The second is Mr. N. B. Chaffers another of the firm's directors.
04:00 - Speech by C. M. Bateman.
04:07 - Speech by N. B. Chaffers.
04:19 - The firm's Manchester representative Mr. W. H. Bennet proposes a vote of thanks to Mr. Nutter.
04:32 - Mr. P. D. Skeet (London representative) seconds the proposal.

*If not they could be reversed.

The above was deduced from an article in the Leeds Mercury of 9th July 1938.

A previous article published in the same paper on the 5th July adds the following information:

In celebration of the centenary, the firm are providing an excursion on Saturday to the Empire Exhibition at Glasgow for the whole of their employees, numbering about 1,200. Three special trains will be run.