School Trip to Windermere 1930

With thanks to Barbara Chapman and her Aunt Rose Penneck nee Monkhouse for providing the scans.

School Trip to Windermere 1930

In a boat on Lake Windermere

Rose (in the centre of the photo in a dark coat and hat, eating an orange) wrote:
On my right in front, Alice Monkhouse (patternd hat), Alice Sturdy, Ngarie Vollentine,
Stuart Hopkinson, Arthur Hardaker, Annie Bracewell, on my right Roy Watson.
Far right, cousin Mary Lund.

Wordsworth Cottage Trip 1930

After visiting Wordsworth's Cottage

Rose wrote:
From left along the front: Mrs Walker, Arthur Hardaker, Hary Hattersley, Roy Walker, Duncan Sturdy,
Peter Walker(the Head's son), Stuart Hopkinson, ?, Muriel Whitaker, Ngarie Vollentine, Mary Vollentine behind,
Alice Monkhouse, Mary Lund and myself, Edith Stell & Alice Sturdy next to the man in the trilby, Jessie Smith in
front of Mr Walker.