Percy Hargreaves, Died of Wounds 20th July 1918

Thanks to Roger Davy for the photo and text.
Percy Hargreaves
Private Percy Hargreaves 1918

Roger writes... "I think it is appropriate to note that it is ninety years ago today, Sunday 20th July 2008, since one of Sutton's sons, my father's cousin, Percy Hargreaves, was killed in France on the 20th July 1918. Percy was a Private in the 2nd/4th Battalion of the Duke of Wellington's (West Yorkshire Regiment). I believe the photo was taken just before he was sent abroad. Percy was only nineteen years of age and my father used to say he had only been in France for six weeks when he died of his wounds. Percy's name is recorded on the Sutton war memorial and he is buried in the small churchyard of the village of St Imoges which is south of the city of Reims and a few miles north of the town of Epernay which is in the centre of the Champagne growing area. The church yard contains approximately seventy 1914-1918 war graves, with British and French soldiers in adjoining areas. As in all CWGC cemeteries it is immaculately looked after.

Percy was the son of Alfred and Etty Hargreaves of 'Holly Bank' in Sutton. Alfred was my grandmother's brother who appears with her on the photo of the family living at Wood Top Farm which appeared in the 'Gallery' earlier this year.

I must look at the records of the Regiment to see what Percy's battalion was doing, fighting so far south, away from the main areas of the conflict. Perhaps someone could tell me via the Forum?"