Opening of Sutton Park, 20 July 1912

With thanks to Marian Winterton for providing scans of these photos taken by her great, great uncle Joseph Bentley.
Joseph was a keen photographer and lived at 3 Eastfield Place. What a day it must have been!

Written on the reverse: This shows the procession going up Sutton.
Mr. James & Sir John Horsfall in the grey suits.

Taken on Sutton High Street looking down towards the Black Bull, Bull Bridge and the Park.
The Kings Arms is out of shot to the left, the gates to Greenroyd Mill on the right.

Written on the reverse: Morris Dancers leading the procession. John Shepherd on the extreme left,
Mr. James near the lamp post. Sir John Horsfall on the other side of the lamp post. The black clothes
gentleman in the right bottom corner is Mr. Standring - headmaster of the Board School.

Sutton High Street opposite the bottom of West Lane, looking towards Towngate. The railings
are still in place, but the fountain (described above as a lamp post) is long gone.

Written on the reverse: This is the Morris Dancers just coming over the Black Bull Bridge.
The bridge is much wider now than formerly.

Top of Sutton Main Street looking across the Bull Bridge. The corner
of the Black Bull is on the right, the wall of Greenroyd Mill on the left.

Top of Main Street looking down towards Sutton Mill. The Park is on the left and Greenroyd Mill wall
is on the right. The current wall with railings must have been built after the Park was opened.

Written on the reverse: This is the bottom end of the Park where the children sail their boats &
get their feet wet. Dorothy is one in white dress between the shrubs.

(Dorothy is Marian's great aunt, and daughter of Joseph Bentley who took the photographs.)