Sutton Baptist Chapel Bi-Centenary Souvenir 1711 - 1911

With thanks to Mike Towers

This Souvenir Booklet measures 175mm x 140mm x 10mm. The scan comprises 88 pages including front and rear cover, but excluding blank pages of the inside front and rear cover and the reverse of the nine photographic plates. The cover is of a smooth chocolate brown thick paper but white on the inside. It was published on 30 January 1911 by Rev F Ward Pollard and printed by Dixon & Stell, Cross Hills.

The content also covers the Chapel's work in Glusburn and Cononley plus an Appendix giving extensive records of individual contributions to the life and work of the Chapel.

For further details see Forum entry of November 2014.

The 88 page booklet can be downloaded by clicking the image below. Please note that the PDF file is 25 megabytes in size and may take a while to download.

Baptist Chapel Bicentenary Souvenir 1911