A Wedding in Sutton, June 1909

Thanks to Roger Davy for the photo and notes.

Davy Wedding 1909
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Roger writes...

"Above is a photo taken on the 15th June 1909 of the wedding of my Great Aunt Hetty Hargreaves to Robert Clough Spencer.

I presume the photo was taken in Sutton. There is a brief view at the back on the left beyond the tree of a row of houses. Someone may know where they are.

On the front row, kneeling down on the right is my grandfather, Frances 'Frank' Davy and on his right is my grandmother Mary Ann (nee Hargreaves) who was born at Wood Top Farm in 1865.

Her father William (1836 - 1922) with the white beard also from Wood Top, is sitting next to the bride Hetty. Two of my aunts, Olive and Sarah, are sitting on the grass at the front. They are looking very bonny but not very cheerful in their best wedding hats. Sadly I don't know who the other little girl is between them. Also on the grass, sitting by the knee of Great Uncle Bob is, I believe, Percy Hargreaves who was killed in France in July 1918.

The 15th of June in 1909 was a Tuesday. Perhaps it was a holiday week from the mills in Sutton, otherwise it was an unusual day for everyone to be off work!

Can anyone add any more names? I'm sure everyone had been told by the photographer to keep still and control their emotiomns, there are only some half smiles!"