Receipt from Hartley's Mill 1906

With thanks to Andrew Monkhouse for the scan and comments.

Below is an interesting Hartley's Mill invoice/receipt from 1906 with three dates on it in total. November 22nd 1906 written over the stamp (presumably when it was received), November 19th 1906 (when it was sent) and an ink stamp to the bottom right 1st May 1907 (perhaps when the invoice was finally paid?)

The document is in remarkably good condition for its age. Also note the telephone number No 80!

It may be of interest to Greenroyd Mill historians.


Update from Tony Ingham:

The signature is that of Alfred Hargreaves who was the book keeper at J W Hartleys. He lived at Sutton House in 1911 and is featured in the family photo of the Hargreaves family outside WOOD TOP FARM in 1888, third from left at the back.