Sunday School, late 1800s

Janet Hargreaves (formerly of Wood Top Farm) provided this photo and the following message...

"I am attaching a photograph which I think you may find interesting.

Amongst other items I have that have been passed down to me by my family I have a photo which I believe is of the local Sunday School or the village school. It is taken in the late 1800s I think. I believe some of the people on it are Hargreaves family?

Can anyone help me to identify the people on the photo? Does anyone else have any Hargreaves photos/information that may be of interest to me?

Can anyone tell me what happened to the Baptist Chapel gravestones which were there when I was child? I was most disappointed to find they had gone when I visited the churchyard last Xmas.

Please can anyone with information contact me by email at using the title 'Sunday School Hargreaves' as the email title so that I will not 'spam' it?"