John Cousin Horsfall 1895

John C Horsfall 1895

Miss Fawcett 1895


With thanks to Tony Ingham for scans of photos from Roy Simons' late grandfather Charlie Simons' collection. The notes on the back of the envelope were written by Glyn Whiteoak.

In 1895 the Albert Sachs studio was at 8 Manningham Lane, Bradford.

Sir John Cousin Horsfall left £575,866-1s-2d (Oct 18th 1920), Hayfield.
Then his good lady wife Dame Emily Sarah Horsfall left £13,423-16s-3d (April 17th 1930), Beanlands.

Hayfield House

Hayfield was the home of John Cousin Horsfall and his wife Sarah Emily Horsfall.

The mansion had 30 rooms with 5 servants to run it. They also had a gardener called Peter Smith who lived in the lodge, and a coachman who later became the chauffeur called Amos Smith - he lived in the coach house.