Sutton-in-Craven Village Plan 2006

Environment and Services
This section covered a wide range of services which are provided in the village, such as pavement cleaning and refuse collection.

A lot of people are far from happy with certain aspects of the services provided. Only refuse collection and recycling facilities are felt to be good, with road maintenance, road cleaning, pavement maintenance and street lighting classed as reasonable.

All the other services were regarded as poor.

From the questionnaire the questions and responses are as follows:

1. What is your opinion of the following services in the village?

a) Refuse Collection
Good 335 Reasonable 59 Poor 10 Don't know 10

b) Recycling Facilities
Good 151 Reasonable 116 Poor 128 Don't know 19

c) Provision of Litter Bins
Good 62 Reasonable 148 Poor 183 Don't know 21

d) Provision of Dog Bins
Good 31 Reasonable 110 Poor 223 Don't know 50

e) Road Maintenance
Good 51 Reasonable 218 Poor 134 Don't know 11

f) Road Cleaning
Good 61 Reasonable 188 Poor 142 Don't know 23

g) Pavement Maintenance
Good 36 Reasonable 206 Poor 153 Don't know 19

h) Pavement Cleaning
Good 24 Reasonable 150 Poor 218 Don't know 22

i) Street Lighting
Good 162 Reasonable 201 Poor 38 Don't know 13

j) Bus Shelters
Good 134 Reasonable 165 Poor 73 Don't know 40

The questionnaire also asked residents what other services they feel the village needs. The main responses were based around the subject of recycling and many people requested blue recycle bins. A wider range of recycling facilities was also requested with clothing and plastic being materials that they would like to see being dealt with. Pavement cleaning was another area of concern and people would like to see them cleaned more often.

More litter bins and dog fouling bins are wanted around the village with the ones we do have being emptied more regularly. There is a strong request for fines and penalties for dropping litter and dog fouling.

servicesMany people commented on dangerous unmade roads. It was noted that there are no toilet facilities in the village when the park closes early during the winter months. A supply of water to the allotments was called for. Several people feel a stronger Police and Dog Warden presence in the community would be a huge benefit.

Further requests include a cash point, more seating in the village, more shops, bus timetables at the bus stops and more lighting along Sutton Lane.

Action Points

  • Provide more litter bins
  • Provide more dog fouling bins
  • Empty bins more regularly
  • Improve pavement maintenance and cleaning
  • Provide better recycling facilities - plastics, clothes
  • Provide better lighting on Sutton lane
  • Educate people to pick up litter and dog waste
  • Issue fines and penalties for litter and dog fouling
  • Supply water to allotments
  • Work to provide more foot patrol officers for the village
  • Improve cleanliness of the bus shelters