Sutton-in-Craven Village Plan 2006


HousesAt present there are approximately 1,488 houses in Sutton-in-Craven. The latest housing development, Crofters Mill, now contains 53 houses. In 2001 the population stood at 3,480 and is ever increasing.

From the questionnaire the questions and responses are as follows:

Is there anyone in your household who, in the next few years, might need affordable or sheltered housing?

Affordable Housing 67 Sheltered Housing 50

If you are unable to move to accommodation of the type you need, is this because of Price, Lack of suitable housing to buy, Lack of local authority housing, Lack of other rented accommodation?

Price 60 Lack of suitable housing to buy 29
Lack of Local authority housing 13 Lack of other rented accommodation 9

What type of housing would you like to see in the village?

Stone 295 Pebble dashing 25
Slate roofs 132 In keeping with surroundings 74

Where in your opinion is a suitable location for new housing?

Greenroyd Mills 54 Woodturners 82 Sand Park 5
Sutton Lane 11 Alvic Field 85 Manse Way 8
The Acres 3 Harper Grove 3 No More 93

HousesThe general feeling was that any future development should be designed to conserve and, where possible, enhance the rural character of the village.

Any developer needs to take account of traditional materials used in the vicinity, and to choose those which complement the location, size and style of any proposed development or conversion.

Older properties are built in local stone. New development should be required to use a stone which complements the local style.

HousesMany original features can be incorporated by developers into the design of new properties.

House owners wishing to convert, extend, renovate or modernise their homes should be encouraged to use local detailing and adopt a sympathetic and cohesive approach in relation to the existing house and neighbouring village properties.

Action Points

  • Retain village identity
  • Provide some affordable housing
  • Provide some sheltered housing
  • Build more homes to keep families in the village
  • Take the infrastructure of village into account before any further development is considered
  • Ask the Council for future development to take into account traditional materials used in the local area
  • Build on the Greenroyd Mills site, Alvic Field and Thompson Wood Yard only
  • House owners wishing to convert and extend should be encouraged to use local materials and designs compatible with original and adjacent buildings