Sutton-in-Craven Village Plan 2006

Local Countryside and Environment

environmentSutton-in-Craven is situated close to open countryside. The countryside and environment are an important and much appreciated aspect of the village. People enjoy the many walks and spectacular views.

From the questionnaire the questions and responses are as follows:

1. Can you follow the footpaths and bridleways in the village without much difficulty?

No - 119 Yes - 219 Don't know - 71

The difficulties were mainly caused by poorly signposted paths, some of which are quite overgrown. Many people commented that they don't know where the paths are and would find a map or leaflet useful.

2. Would you like to see a map of the village and public footpaths publicised in a leaflet?

No - 42 Yes - 357 Don't know - 12

3. What do you think could be done with lanes and paths to make the countryside better?

Dog fouling bins
Very Important 363 Worth Doing 43 Not Necessary 4

Signpost Paths and Bridle-ways
Very Important 117 Worth Doing 272 Not Necessary 20

Signposts for local amenities and areas of interest
Very Important 80 Worth Doing 246 Not Necessary 74

environmentPeople felt very strongly about the amount of dog fouling and the lack of dog bins. There was a general feeling of annoyance with dog owners who do not clean up after their dogs.

Several areas in and around the village were felt to be in need of cleaning up including the Alvic Field, Sand Park, Woodturners, Gattering Lane, Toilet Block, Bus Shelters, The Beck, North Road and Greenroyd Mills. It was also felt that the War Memorial needed cleaning.

There was considerable reference to the amount of litter and the lack of litter bins around the village. Whilst most people want the litter cleaned up they felt that the emphasis should be on teaching people not to drop litter in the first place.

4. Have you ever been flooded?

No - 348 Yes - 64

environmentMeasures suggested to prevent flooding included: Early flood warnings, Flood defence item collections point, Raising the beck walls, Regular maintenance of the beck and removing obstacles, Keeping the grates and gutters clear, Limiting the number of houses built and not building on flood plains.

Action Points

  • Provide dog fouling bins around the village
  • Provide more litter bins
  • Improve signposting of footpaths around the village
  • Provide a map or leaflet of walks around the village
  • Provide sign posts for local amenities and areas of interest
  • Put up signs to encourage dog walkers to take their dogs' waste home
  • Clean up the War Memorial
  • Regularly maintain footpaths
  • Clear beck of obstacles
  • Keep grates and gutters clear