Sutton-in-Craven Village Plan 2006


schoolSutton-in-Craven has a Church of England Primary School and a Community Primary School within the village which cater for 4 -11 year olds.

There has been a school within the village for at least 100 years and it has always been an integral part of village life. The current board of governors on both schools is made up of teachers, parents and councillors who show a keen interest in the successful future of the schools. There are currently 87 children at the Church of England school and 172 children at the Community primary.

There are a number of playgroups which include: Tommy Tots pre-school, Holme Garth nursery, Baptist Church pre-school and a Mother and Toddler group held at the Pavilion on Friday mornings.

schoolClasses, clubs and organisations currently held in the village Hall include Line Dancing, Old Time Dancing, Weight Watchers, Health Wise, Art Club, Indoor Bowling, Flower Club, Mothers Union, Sutton Amateurs and the Allotment exhibition.

The main feedback from the questionnaire is that people are not clear what is already provided within the village and would like more information. There were several requests for after school and holiday clubs particularly for the 11-16 year olds. There is a demand for a variety of Adult courses to be provided. For example:-

Art classes
Keep fit classes
Adult Sports
Language classes
Computer classes
Craft classes
Gym classes

From the questionnaire the questions and responses are as follows:

Is the existing pre-school, school and adult education provision in the village adequate?

Pre-school Yes 295 No 30
School Yes 302 No 24
Adult Yes 230 No 91

Further comments included:

Pre-school attached to the two primary schools 21
Larger primary schools 6
Smaller classes 4
To combine primary schools 2
Community Primary OFSTED worrying 6

Action Points

  • Improve the communication on what classes and groups are held in the village
  • Emphasise courses available South Craven School
  • Provide more to do for the youth of the village
  • Look into providing more adult education and evening classes