Sutton-in-Craven Village Plan 2006

Although a few businesses have disappeared, Sutton-in-Craven still has many flourishing businesses. These include three pubs, two village stores, a Post Office, a chemist, a garage/coal merchant, a body repair workshop, a takeaway, a café/takeaway, a chip shop, a tea room, two hairdressers, a double glazing firm, builders, roofers, painters and decorators, carpenters, plumbers and gardeners.

On the questionnaire the people of Sutton-in-Craven were asked what can be done to support existing businesses. Suggestions included car parking to encourage people to stop and use the shops, better signposting to promote the businesses, lower rates, install a cash machine, provide free advertising opportunities and support and maintain notice boards.

The businesses are seen as part of the community and people would not like to lose any more. They would like the businesses to take a greater role in community life by sponsoring events. In order to help promote the businesses, and to encourage people to use them, it was suggested that a directory of local businesses and what they have to offer should be compiled and distributed around the village and surrounding area.

On being asked what could be done to develop more employment opportunities in Sutton-in-Craven, people responded by suggesting that the mill be developed for business.

There were several suggestions of new businesses which people would like to see within the village: a mini supermarket particularly up the High Street, a craft centre and a hardware store.

Many people felt that land already being used for employment should be retained for that purpose and that no further land in the village should be designated for commercial usage. There was a wish to improve the economy by maintaining local employment and shops, which also helps to reduce unnecessary travel.

Many suggested advertising local job opportunities on the village notice boards and in the shops.

Lots of people knew that Sutton-in-Craven has its own website and for those of you that did not . . . you do now!

Action Points

  • Emphasise 'use it, don't lose it'
  • Compile a directory of local businesses and what they have to offer
  • Encourage businesses to participate in local events and provide sponsorship etc
  • Welcome local businesses with lower rates, to bring more employment
  • Promote and advertise businesses more
  • Provide off road parking
  • Involve businesses in the village website either through adverts or links to their own websites
  • Erect Signposts to show location of businesses
  • Discourage vandalism
  • Include a job section on the website to inform local people of opportunities
  • Advertise jobs in local shops
  • Advertise jobs on notice boards
  • Promote the village to bring in more trade