Sutton-in-Craven Village Plan 2006

Information and Communication

communicationResidents felt that the provision of information was mainly good or reasonable. Communication has come through strongly as being an important factor which can affect all aspects of village life.

At present there is a Parish Council notice board at the entrance to the Park and one at the entrance to Manse Way. Both the Baptist Church and the Village Hall has its own notice board. Another notice board is situated near the old toilet block. A village newsletter is produced and circulated by the Village Committee four times a year containing village articles, up and coming events and local advertisements. The main methods of communication are posters in shops and articles and adverts in the Keighley News and Craven Herald.

The main suggestions for finding out information on the village were:
  • Regular village newsletter
  • Village website
  • Local papers
  • Calendar of events and notices on the notice board, which needs to be regularly updated
  • Pamphlets and leaflets through the door
  • Notices in shop windows
  • More notices in the Post Office
  • Word of Mouth
  • Monthly magazine
  • Publish the Parish Minutes on the Web

Communication is of primary importance in involving the residents in the activities and life of the village.

Action Points

  • Look into the possibility of a more regular newsletter
  • Publish Parish Minutes
  • Provide larger notice boards
  • Ensure information displayed on notice boards is of current interest